What coffee do you use? What is the origin of coffee?

Coffee beans are affected by the climate and soil composition of the region where they are grown. For OBSESSO, we prefer coffee beans from India, which are dried with monsoon winds, have low acidity and contain spice aromas. The flavor and soft taste you get in the first sip gets slightly more intense as it passes through your palate. In the end, the taste of intense coffee remains in your mouth, like the pleasure you get from rewarding yourself. OBSESSO is an award-winning experience!

How do you produce the texture of your products?

Our secret: real milk! In OBSESSO, we use completely real, natural milk instead of milk powder. When producing it in our factory, we maintain all nutritional values and the pH balance of milk. That's how you get that intense texture you cannot resist!

What does “Real Milk” mean?

Instead of using instant milk powder, we prefer the actual milk which you normally buy for your home. To preserve the unique flavor of OBSESSO, we use the creamy effect that real milk adds to coffee. OBSESSO makes you feel like you're enjoying life to the fullest with a single sip. Where else do you think the intense texture comes from? OBSESSO is an award-winning experience!

How much sugar is there in your products?

Tasting research shows coffee preferences are different for everyone. Some like coffee more sweet, others like more bitter flavors. For this reason, we are trying to offer you different types of iced coffee that everyone will be happy to drink. OBSESSO Latte contains 7.1% extra sugar while Mocha contains 5.7%. OBSESSO Black, which is prepared for those who prefer strong tastes, contains 5.8% additional sugar, while OBSESSO Black is for those who want to experience the sharpest iced coffee experience without any additional sugar.

Does it contain any preservatives?

There are no preservatives in OBSESSO. We sterilize all our products at high temperatures in our factories so that you can pick it off the shelf with full peace of mind. It will remain sterile until you open it. Drink slow, stay chill once you've opened it! 😊

How do you maintain the shelf life of your products?

We fill the coffees that we prepare cold in OBSESSO cans and close the lid. Then, we keep the lid closed and pasteurize it by letting it set at high temperature and pressure. This makes OBSESSO so pleasurable to drink over a long shelf-life. 😊

How long is the shelf life?

The shelf life of our products is 12 months so you can enjoy every moment even more. Drink slow, stay chill!

What is Latte?

Latte actually means milk in Italian. Because it was prepared by simply adding milk on top of the classic espresso, it became the name of one of the most popular coffee varieties in the world! When the weather heats up, it's time to drop some ice into that latte. We prepared OBSESSO Iced Coffee Latte to taste this summer feeling whenever you want! With 36% real milk in OBSESSO Latte, you'll be able to sip throughout those long summer days and feel that sweet beach breeze in every season.

What is Mocha?

It's something like a latte with some chocolate. 😊 We took coffee, we added milk like latte, we've also added cacao to taste the chocolate! OBSESSO Iced Coffee Mocha is the perfect harmony of real milk with coffee and chocolate! OBSESSO Mocha, which is one-to-one for those who prefer coffee with chocolate flavor, consists of 55.8% coffee, 38% real milk and cacao. Drink slow, stay chill!

What is Black?

For those who like to enjoy intense coffee, a powerful coffee experience! OBSESSO Black, 90% of which consists of coffee and contains low amounts of milk and sugar, is for those who always want more..

What is Black Sugar Free?

Black Sugar Free, which we prepare for those who love to experience the highest level of drinking, consists of 100% coffee. Does not contain milk or sugar.

I love to enjoy intense coffee. Which product do you recommend?

Why not try OBSESSO Black, which contains low amounts of milk and sugar? Black with 90% coffee: to cool off, wake up or enjoy the moment. An intense coffee experience! If you are one of those who prefer coffee without milk and sugar, Black Sugar Free is for you, for the sharpest iced coffee experience, without anything other than the essentials. 😊

Do you have any lactose-free products? I have lactose intolerance. Can I drink your products?

Black Sugar Free does not contain milk. If you have lactose intolerance, you can safely consume Black Sugar Free.

Who makes OBSESSO?

OBSESSO is produced with the assurance and signature of DİMES' production expertise and quality engineers in DİMES İzmir factory the highest production capacity of iced coffee in Turkey. You can drink with that peace of mind!

How much does OBSESSO cost?

Price policies vary according to the points of sale. For this reason, we cannot provide an exact selling price.