About Us

We proudly launch OBSESSO iced coffee. As DİMES -Turkey's leading delightfully nutritious brand- we've added our own touch to the iced coffee market with the tireless passion we put into our work in the light of always best to produce policy of our founder Mustafa Vasfi Diren. We maintain the values of our company with OBSESSO, which is produced with real milk and preserves the freshness of milk.

With OBSESSO, which is the signature product of our DİMES R&D Center, we address the different tastes of our consumers with four alternatives. OBSESSO Latte combines its unique flavor with the intense texture of real milk, transforming the taste of coffee with milk into a refreshingly enjoyable experience. OBSESSO Mocha created for cacao lovers, OBSESSO Black is for those who prefer strong coffee with an intense coffee flavor. Our recommendation to who like the taste of unsweetened coffee, is OBSESSO Black Sugar Free. OBSESSO offers a small break during the day with different options for a rewarding experience.